Fronalpstock, Switzerland

The Fronalpstock is a mountain in Switzerland, in the Schwyzer Alps and the canton of Schwyz.

Lucerne to Schwyz or Zurich to Schwyz is a short train journey where the duration ranges from 44 - 80 minutes approximately.

From Schwyz take the funicular to Stoos which is a car free mountain village - a technical wonder as it is supposed to be the steepest ride in the world.

Stoos is a breathtaking mountain village above Lake Lucerne with its stunning landscapes - once you reach Stoos you could - use the comfortable chairlifts to reach up or be active and hike up.

Once you reach the panorama terrace of the Fronalpstock the eye will blissfully meander from one alpine summit to the other or across ten lmountain akes.

Tag : Travel Switzerland | Content: | Image: Boris Baldinger | Update: 12-Mar-2021