Painting of Hamsa Jataka Tale, Ajanta Cave 1, Maharashtra, India

Painting from Ajanta Cave 1, depicts a scene from Hamsa Jataka - Bodhisattva who lived as a golden goose - and in this frame the King and his courtiers are listening to the golden goose with rapt attention. Faintly one can see the golden goose sitting on a throne at the bottom right corner of the painting and women holding a plate of fruits.

Jataka tales are usually about stories around the many incarnations of Buddha – originally passed down through generations in an oral form – at Ajanta it was conveyed in its extensive and impressive art forms - available since centuries to anyone irrespective of ideologies or faith or devotion. 

Ajanta Caves located in the Aurangabad district, Maharashtra, India is a World Heritage Site recognized by UNESCO. How to reach Ajanta Caves?

Tag : Ethereal Ajanta | Content: | Image: Yann Forget | Update: 18-Mar-2021