Central Shrine at Kailash Temple, Ellora Caves, Maharashtra, India

The central shrine at Kailash temple houses an enormous stone lingam and is based on a high pitha (platform) that is ornate with large sculptures of seemingly animated lions and elephants. The shrine is largely covered with rock sculptures and carvings - be it the 16 pillars, windows, the inner and outer chambers even the niches have images of hindu deities and divinities.

The main shrine is inundated by subsidiary shines found at different corners and are arranged in sync with panchayatana tradition. Three subsidiary shrines are dedicated to Ganga, Saraswati and Yamuna - the river goddesses. You will also find sculptures of Ganga on a makara at the centre, Yamuna on a kachhapa (tortoise) and Saraswati on a lotus.

Kailash Temple, Ellora Caves, Maharashtra, India is recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.  How to reach Ellora Caves?

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