Indian Leopard at Gir National Park, Gujarat, India

The Indian Leopard is one of the big cats found in Gir National Park, Gujarat, India - though smallest in size when compared to the Asiatic Lion, Bengal Tiger, Snow Leopard and Clouded Leopard.

The Leopard is an elusive, solitary animal - and being nocturnal they hunt at night. Leopards spend most of their resting time on top of trees and are known for their ability of climbing trees as well as dragging its prey up the tree  to hide it from scavengers like vultures, hyenas and pack hunters like dholes. How to reach Gir National Park?

Leopard are known to be opportunistic hunters with a broad diet. They are able to hunt and kill prey like axis deer, sambar deer, nilgai, wild boar, common langur, Indian hare and peafowl as they have a massive skull and powerful jaw muscles. Being extremely agile creatures they are notoriously known for picking up the dreaded feral dogs around forest areas. 

Leopards are powerful swimmers and very agile runners and are known to take stunningly large horizontal as well as vertical leaps. Leopards produce many vocalizations, including grunts, roars, growls, meows, and purrs.

Tag : Travel Gujarat | Content: | Image: Dhaval Vargiya | Update: 28-Jul-2021