Vishvanath Temple at Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh, India

This 12-pillared shrine dedicated to Shiva is a superlative example of Chandela architecture. The Vishvanath Temple is stunning with its carved figures continuing all the way to the highest levels on its Shikharas and was designed as a Panchayatana complex where one main shrine is surrounded by four smaller shrines - only two of the smaller shrines survive today.

The base of the Vishvanath temple with its many niches is sculpted - depicting Saptamatrikas or the seven goddesses, Parvati and a dancing Ganesha.

The exterior part at Vishvanath temple just above the base has three bands depicting sensuous Surasundaris looking adoringly into mirrors, applying sindoor on their forehead, kajal in their eyes, playing flute, cuddling babies or writing letters. Like other temples it has carvings of miniature elephants, horses, camels, musicians, dancers and warriors in its lowest frieze. A large statue of Nandi faces the temple.

Vishvanath Temple is a part of Khajuraho Group of Monuments found in Madhya Pradesh, India and is a World Heritage Site recognized by UNESCO. How to reach Khajuraho temple complex?

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