About Me - Preeti @ Nuku Hiva, French Polynesia (2017) is designed as a repository of notes on places I would like to travel to - accessible 24x7 - I find travel not only enthralling but intriguing and most often I seem to have more questions than answers 🌸☘️😀...  travel always personified 'freedom' and I am fast learning that 'freedom' has many meanings as I look back at capricious waves reminiscent of splashed colors of the sunset... is one of the few sites that contain my travel notes and some vivid memories - check for frames that tell you that this journey can be infinite or 'anant'...

It has become impossible to update notes as frequently as I would prefer - so I strongly urge you to double check information from alternative sources.

Appreciate your feedback  - you can reach me at preeti at Please do note that since I have overreached my capabilities of working I may not be able to respond to every mail...

Preeti Desai

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