Sabarmati Ashram, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Sabarmati Ashram is national monumnet - also known as Satyagraha Ashram as this is the base from where Gandhiji led the Dandi march or his Salt Satyagraha on 12 March 1930. Sabarmati Ashram is at distance of about 7.5 km from Ahmedabad Airport.

As per wikipedia - The Sabarmati ashram is located between a prison and a crematorium, and Gandhiji believed that a satyagrahi lands up in either of those places.

Gandhiji enlightening words furhter corroborated his belief, 'This is the right place for our activities to carry on the search for truth and develop fearlessness, for on one side are the iron bolts of the foreigners, and on the other the thunderbolts of Mother Nature.'

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