Spotted Deer at Sundarbans National Park, West Bengal, India

The Spotted Deer also known as Axis axis is a gracile deer found in many parts of India as well as in Sundarbans National Park.

It grazes near water holes and is also an able swimmer. Spotted Deer being a social species is usually found in groups that has both males and females that may be at times as large as hundred plus.

Spotted Deer gives out an alarm whenever it notices a predator and the sound sets out the whole herd fleeing. It's kinda riveting to note that Spotted Deer hang out where there are langurs as these monkeys can spot predators perched on a tree from long distance.

Males shed their antlers once a year and replace them by growing a new pair which are bigger than the previous ones. You will almost never see leftover antlers since animals including Deer gnaw at them until they are completely eaten as they contain valuable nutrients.

As per WWF Spotted Deer is a major part of a tiger's diet hence their healthy numbers in the wild - is a critical viability factor for the prey species.

Sundarbans National Park is recognized as World Heritage Site by UNESCO and a tour to Sundarbans is an experience of a lifetime. How to reach Sundarbans National Park?

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