Sasvekalu Ganesha Temple, Hampi, Karnataka, India

Sasvekalu Ganesha Temple dated to 16th century houses a huge monolithic sculpture of Lord Ganesha with four arms, carved out of a single block of rock. Ganesha’s belly is sculptured round and resembles Sasvekalu or a Mustard seed hence its name in the local language that is Kannada. The sculpture portrays a snake around Ganesha’s large belly - symbolically a large belly is a symbol of prosperity and the snake around it symbolizes renewal of prosperity (as the snake renews its skin at regular interval) whereas the mouse is a metaphor for problems of our lives.

Note: If you see the sculpture from the rear side you will note Ganesha sitting in the lap of his mother Parvati. 

Sasvekalu Ganesha is a part of the Hampi Group of Monuments and an UNESCO World Heritage Site. How to reach Hampi?

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