How to reach Belum Caves, Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh, India?

Belum Caves is at a distance of about 107 km from Kurnool city, Andhra Pradesh India.

The nearest airport to Belum Caves is Tirupati Airport that is at a distance of about 268 km from Belum Caves.

Alternatively you could travel to Kurnool from Hyderabad airport that is at distance of about 198 km and then travel to Belum Caves.

The nearest railways station to Belum Caves is Tadipatri Railway Station - a major station well connected to many cities in India. It is at a distance of about 34 km from Belum Caves.

A visit to Belum Caves can be easily combined with traveling to Gandikota which is at a distance of about 67 km from Belum Caves.

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