Buddha, Upper Level, Ajanta Cave 6, Maharashtra, India

The only double-storey vihara among the Ajanta Caves, Cave 6 houses many votive sculptures including this image of Buddha in a teaching posture holding a dharmachakra mudra. The entrance to the shrine is through an intricately carved door.. 

One could say that the Ajanta caves were a milestone of heightened activity in Buddhist temple architecture and were built in two clear phases – undoubtedly both the times under Hindu rule: the first during the 2nd and 1st centuries BCE under the rule of the Satavahanas; and the second during the rule of the Vakatakas in the 5th to 6th century period. The second phase prospered predominantly under King Harisena, the mighty Vakataka king who ruled the undivided region right from the western to the eastern sea and helped create an architectural brilliance that outlived him.

Ajanta Caves located in the Aurangabad district, Maharashtra, India is a World Heritage Site recognized by UNESCO. How to reach Ajanta Caves?

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