Vimana, Brihadisvara Temple at Gangaikonda Cholapuram, Tamil Nadu, India

The Sri-vimana at Gangaikonda has nine talas as compared to the soaring 13 talas at Thanjavur temple - scholars believe that the height of the temple was so designed as a mark of respect to Rajendra Chola's father's masterpiece.

Each tala of the Vimana has moulded horizontal cornices with gavaksha or floral motifs, mythical creatures and carvings that narrate Puranic tales from the Shaiva, Vaishnava and Shakta traditions.

Its griva (neck) is oriented towards the cardinal directions, and 4 Nandi’s posted on its top corners. The Kirtimukhas are above the griva which opens in a lotus. It is further capped with a kalasa with a lotus bud on it. Originally it was inscribed with gold coated which is now gone.

How to reach Brihadisvara Temple at Gangaikonda Cholapuram?

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