Pavagadh Hill Jain Temples at Pavagadh Complex in Champaner, Gujarat, India - A UNESCO World Heritage Site

The Jain temples of Pavagadh belong to the Digamber sect of Jainism and are divided into three groups. The Bhavanaderi temples found near the Naqqarkhana gate, than the temples dedicated to the Tirthankar Suparsva and Tirthankar Chandraprabha and lastly the the Parsvanath temple located near Dudhiya Talao where Bhagwan Parshvanath is seated in padmasana posture. Temples walls are covered with Jain iconography.

Apart from the well known temples there are many other Jain temples too near Makai Kothar and Navlakha Kothar. The Jain temples dedicated to Tirthankar Suparsavanath, Tirthankar Chandraprabha and Parsavnath Bhagwan and have been dated to the 13th-14th Century AD.

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