Sinhagad, Western Ghats, Maharashtra, India - An UNESCO World Heritage Site

Sinhagad an ancient hill fortress and also a popular trekking destination is situated just about 35 km from Pune, Maharashtra, India.

Perched on an outlying cliff of the Bhuleswar range in the Sahyadri Mountains, the Sinhagad (Lion's Fort) was tactically built to provide natural protection as it has extremely steep slopes. Fascinating to note is that the fort is also strategically located at the centre of a string of other Maratha forts such as Rajgad Fort, Purandar Fort and Torna Fort.

Seen many battles over centuries Sinhagad is especially known for the Battle of Sinhagad in March 1670 - fought by Tanaji Malusare, a brave general of Chhatrapati Shivaji of the Maratha Empire to recapture the fort.

As per UNESCO, Western Ghats or Sahyadri Mountains in India are older than the Himalayan mountains. The entire mountain range of the Western Ghats is recognized as one of the world's ‘hottest hotspots’ of biological diversity and it's an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Tag : Travel Maharashtra | Content: | Image: Dhinal Chheda | Update: 22-Mar-2021