Bhadra Fort Entrance in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India - A UNESCO World Heritage Site

Bhadra Fort is an impressive monument spanning over 43 acres. It was built by Ahmed Shah and is located near the eastern banks of Sabarmati River. Bhadra Fort was used as a royal court during Ahmed Shah’s rule.

Named Bhadra Fort due to the presence of the revered Bhadrakali temple - and has an interesting local legend attached to the monument. Goddess of Wealth, Lakshmi came to the gate of Bhadra Fort to leave the city in the night. And the night kotwal (watchman) Siddique Kotwal stopped her having identified her told her she cannot leave the fort till he gets permission from the king and if she does he will get into trouble. To prevent her from leaving Ahmedabad he beheads himself thus ensuring that Goddess Lakshmi forever stays in the city resulting into its prosperity. There is a tomb near Bhadra Gate dedicated to Siddique Kotwal and a temple to Bhadra Kali, representing Laxmi.

Add the following sights when you visit Bhadra Fort - Rani Rupmati Mosque and Hathee Singh Jain Temple.

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