Passionate Sculptures of Khajuraho Temples, Madhya Pradesh, India

Words that usually describe Khajuraho Temples would be stunning erotica in stone mixed with finest temple art in the world – most seem to use only ‘baffling superlatives’ to express the great skill of the 10th to 11th century artisans - perplexed with resonating familiarity ‘why erotica in temples?’ Whilst there are 00’s of conjectures some questions do remain unanswered!

A must visit - if not in person through such frames - do explore Khajuraho Temples exceedingly artistic stonework that shows you a storyboard of life, a millennium ago – passionated expressions of gods, goddesses, warriors, dancers and real and mythological animals.

Khajuraho Group of Monuments are located in Madhya Pradesh, India and the complex is recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. How to reach Khajuraho temple complex?

Tag : Travel Madhya Pradesh | Content: | Image: Robin Shani | Update: 17-Mar-2021