Paestum Ancient Greek Temples, Naples, Italy (1)

Painting by Isidro González Velázquez -dated 1837 - View of the magnificent ruins of the ancient city of Pesto, housed in Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando.

Paestum a short train ride away from Salerno or Naples is the erstwhile Greek city of Poseidonia. Its ancient temples of Poseidon, Hera, and Athena are amongst the few best preserved monuments

What not to miss in Paestum? - Foremost, what will stop you in your tracks in absolute awe is - The Temple of Hera II also known as the Temple of Neptune, one of ancient Greek temples in Italy dating its origin to 450 BC; Temple of Athena that is dedicated to the goddess of war, wisdom, and heroism in 500 BC - later used as a church. Plus the Temple of Hera I also dubbed as the Basilica of Hera; Do explore the incredibly well-preserved ancient tomb paintings that have been painted back in 470 B.C; and the ancient roman amphitheater at Paestum;

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