Lion Cubs at Gir National Park, Gujarat, India

The Asiatic Lion is a species of mighty and powerful large felines - but they are born in diminutive size as the lioness gestation periods are very brief - about 100 and 120 days. Just out a womb, the tiny lion cubs weight usually in the range of 2 and 4 pounds. The young cubs begin their lives without vision and don’t open their eyes for about 11 days.

Many animal species are capable of walking almost immediately after birth - foals (horses) walk around approximately within 30 minutes of their birth - Tiny lion cubs are able to walk when they are about 15 days old - and start running only when they are about 30 days old… How to reach Gir National Park?

Young Asiatic Lions or cubs grow up in prides with between 3 and 40 other felines. Female cubs stay with the group as they age and usually live with the pride for life and at around two years old, they become capable hunters.

Male Lions often leave when they’re a few years old. May form bachelor groups with other males - and follow migrating herds until they are strong enough to challenge male lions of other prides. 

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