Kadasiddheshwara Temple Complex, Pattadakal, Karnataka, India

Note: Kadasiddheshwara Temple is in the foreground and Jambulinga Temple is in the background.

Kadasiddheswara Temple is relatively a modest structure and is dated around mid 7th century. The outer walls devakoshthas are decorated with sculptures of Harihara, Ardhanariswar and Shiva. You will also find carvings of Shiva and Parvati grace the door to the garbha griha with carvings of Brahma and Vishnu on either side that houses a linga on a peetha (platform).

Kadasiddheshwara Temple is part of the Pattadakal Group of Monuments an UNESCO World Heritage Site. How to reach Paṭṭadakallu?

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