Varaha Avatar, Hindu Cave 14, Ellora Caves, Maharashtra, India

Cave 14 at Ellora caves, also known as ‘Ravan ki Khai’ is a single-storeyed hindu cave that is protected by dvarapalikas or goddesses river Ganga and Yamuna that flank its doorway.

You will find sculptures of Vishnu as Varaha with Bhudevi, GajaLakshmi, Siva and Parvati playing chausar, Nataraja, Ravananugrahamurti, and Andhakasuravadhamurti.

You will find Saptamatrika’s carved on the side of the pradakshina path and sculpture of Durga Mahishasuramardini at the rear of the mandapa.

This frame is from Hindu Cave 15 where Vishnu takes the form of Varaha to kill the demon king Hiranyaksha to free Bhudevi who is held by the demon in the deepest parts of the ocean.

Ellora Caves located in Aurangabad district, Maharashtra, India is recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. How to reach Ellora Caves?

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