Andhakasuravadha, Hindu Cave 29, Ellora Caves, Maharashtra, India

Shiva is well-known as the god of destruction or as SamharaMurti, this form is usually depicted as a terrifying deity. This frame is of Shiva as the ferocious AndhakasuravadhaMurti.

Asura Andhaka kidnaps Parvati - Shiva fights the asura and injures him in the ensuing battle - the injured Andhaka walks around laughing loudly with his dripping blood - as he is so blessed that every drop of blood that falls on the earth produces more forms of the asura. Shiva invokes the saptamatrikas to help stop the blood spill - thus Shiva defeats Andhaka who couldn't resurrect in his million forms.

Another Andhakasuravadhamurti at Kailash temple depicts Andhaka’s head hanging on to a trishula held by a many-armed Shiva while the other end of Shiva’s trishula pierces the elephant head of Gajasura.

Other forms of Shiva as SamharaMurti seen at Ellora especially at Kailasha include Tripurantaka, Gajantaka, Kalarimurti and Bhairava.

Ellora Caves located in Aurangabad district, Maharashtra, India is recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. How to reach Ellora Caves?

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