How To Reach Meesapulimala In Munnar, Kerala, India?

To reach Meesapulimala valley first you need to reach Munnar. How to reach Munnar?

Only the adventurous trek Meesappulimala peak and you will need to pick up a trail via Rhodo Valley. Its a about 25 km from Munnar to the base camp Meesappulimala.

You may want to double check driving and trekking instructions directly from Kerala Forest Development Corporation ecotourism website.

Many opt to stay amidst the clouds at the Rhodo Mansion (managed by KFDC) or in tents and climb the peak the next day.

The Kerala Forest Development Corporation offers trekking and camping at Meesapulimala and these programs are part of eco-tourism in Kerala.

This article is an interesting read with pictures on mesmerizing Meesapulimala.

Tag : Travel Kerala | Content: | Image: Ahammed Shahz | Update: 16-Mar-2021