Owl in Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary, Western Ghats, Kerala, India

Whilst the world may have more than 200 Owl species India has more than 30+ species literally found in every kind of habitat.

Owls can swoop through the air without making a sound, being birds of prey feed on insects, small birds, reptiles, mammals and fish.

Apart from the Owl you can find about 200+ bird species including yellow-throated bulbul at Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary.

Animals that you can find at the Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary include Bengal Tiger, Indian Leopard, Bonnet Macaque, Nilgiri Tahr, Grizzled giant squirrel...

The Chinnar and Pambar rivers are the major perennial water resources in the sanctuary and are home to many fish and amphibian species;

Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary, Western Ghat, Kerala is recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary located about 109 km from Coimbatore in Kerala, India - is a Natural UNESCO World Heritage Site. How to reach Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary?

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