Ornate Pillars at Airavatesvara Temple at Darasuram, Tamil Nadu, India

Exquisitely embellished pillars at the Airavateswara temple at Darasuram are a classic example of Chola art and architecture. Pillars narrate scenes from Puranas and other epics - and the rectangular portions illustrate stories of Shaivite saints, Parvati performing penance, Burning of Manmatha or Kama, Shiv Parvati’s marriage, birth of Kumara…

Many pillars have purely decorative patterns that include circular medallions and graceful creepers holding within the, figures holding dance postures or playing an array of musical instruments. The ceiling at Airavateswara temple is well decorated with patterns too.

How to reach Airavatesvara temple at Darasuram?

Tag : Magnificent Airavatesvara Temple | Content: | Image: Yalini Balamurali | Update: 17-Mar-2021