Nilgiri Mountain Railway, Tamil Nadu, India - recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site

Indian families with young children still enjoy historic Mountain Railways of India - as it chugs over its multitude bridges (250+), astounded by the landscape of lush forests, mountains, hilly slopes or valleys, tea estates and waterfalls that it passes a rare experience of classic train journeys.

The steam engine enabled toy train of the Nilgiri Mountain Railway covers 46 km and is the smallest route as compared to the toy train ride to reach Darjeeling or Shimla. Working since 1908 it traverses from Mettupalayam to Ooty or Udagamandalam in Tamil Nadu passing 16 tunnels, 250+ bridges and 13 stations. When it started n 1908, Coonor a hill station was the last station - within a few quarters the railway line got extended till Ooty or Udhagamandalam - another popular hill town up in the Nilgiris.

How to reach Mettupalayam? How to reach Coonor? How to reach Ooty or Udhagamandalam?

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