Agra Fort - Amar Singh Gate, Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India - A World Heritage Site recognized by UNESCO

The Agra Fort has a crescent shape, flattened on the east with a long, nearly straight wall parallel to river Yamuna. How to reach Agra Fort?

It is enclosed with soaring double impregnable wall that has massive circular bastions at regular intervals in both inner and outer walls and the outer bastions are concentric with the inner ones.

Delhi Gate is a monumental gate and was known to be Emperor Akbar's majestic formal gate. Akbar fused Islamic geometry plus calligraphy with the Hindu carved expression using birds, animals and flowers to embellish Agra Fort.

Agra Fort is an important complex in terms Mughal architectural history and once had about 500 monuments built within the fort. Some structures were demolished by Shah Jahan to build his white marble palaces. The others were destroyed by the British troops. About 30 odd monuments have survived including the Delhi Gate, Amar Singh Gate Gate or the Akbar Darwaza.

Since the Indian military uses the northern portion of the Agra Fort, the Delhi Gate is not available for use and tourists have to enter the complex using the Amar Singh Gate.

Akbar Darwaza has been renamed as Amar Singh Gate by Shah Jahan and it is similar in design to the Delhi Gate.

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