Painted Storks at Kolleru Birds Sanctuary, Andhra Pradesh, India

Painted Storks at Kolleru Birds Sanctuary enjoy feeding in groups or flocks that range from 5 to 50 commonly found in shallow wetlands along lakes or rivers.

Painted Storks are waders - they do so to stir the water with their feet to flush out the hiding out small fish or frogs. They immerse their beaks which are half open and sweep it side to side till they sense their prey and snap it up as soon as they touch it. Once fed they can literally stand still on the bank or shore for a long time.

The adult Painted Storks have pink legs and typically fly with their neck as well as their head drooped almost at or below their belly level. How to reach Kolleru Birds Sanctuary?

Tag : Travel Andhra Pradesh | Content: | Image: J M Garg | Update: 07-Jul-2021