Glossy Ibis And Egret at Kolleru Birds Sanctuary, Andhra Pradesh, India

Flocks of Glossy Ibises wade in the shallows probing for prey with their sickle-shaped bills at the Kolleru Birds Sanctuary.

The Glossy ibis is a water bird, being highly nomadic in nature they eat whatever is available and includes aquatic beetles, dragonflies, grasshoppers, crickets, snails, crabs and occasionally fish, lizards, small snakes and nestling birds.

Glossy ibis with its long, curved bill plus iridescent green and reddish toned skin - feed in very shallow water and nest in freshwater or brackish wetlands or marshes that has reeds or low trees or bushes. Glossy ibis is also found at the margins of lakes and rivers, lagoons, swamps, reservoirs, paddies and irrigated farmland. How to reach Kolleru Birds Sanctuary?

The elegant Great Egrets are white herons - long legged wading birds who develop fine plumes that are mostly milky white - and are commonly referred to as - large egret or great white egret or great white heron. Great Egrets at Kolleru Birds Sanctuary nest in colonies close to water.

The Great Egret feeds prefer drier habitats and shallow water foraging motionless with a stand and wait technique - The Great Egret feed on fish, frogs, small mammals, and occasionally small reptiles and insects, spearing them with its long, sharp dagger like bill - standing still and waiting for the prey to come to a striking distance or may slowly stalk its victim. 

The great egret is not a vocal bird and gives out a low, hoarse croak when disturbed - whilst at breeding colonies, it often gives a loud croaking and higher-pitched squawks. How to reach Kolleru Birds Sanctuary?

Tag : Travel Andhra Pradesh | Content: | Image: J M Garg | Update: 07-Jul-2021