Lotus Mahal, Hampi, Karnataka, India

The Chitragani Mahal or Kamal Mahal translated to the Lotus Mahal is located within the Zenana Enclosure of the Royal Centre of Hampi. It became known as the Kamal Mahal as its archways as well as its balcony with its domed design resembled a half opened lotus bud.

Lotus Mahal is an open pavilion on the lower level built with windows and balcony on the upper level. It has beautifully recessed arches designed in a geometric pattern almost opening out to the sun and the wind like petals of a flower;

Chitragani Mahal or the Lotus Mahal is a classic fusion of Indo-Islamic style of architecture - notice the Hindu mandala design with lobed arches whereas the domes are Islamic style. Its basement and pyramidal towers are based on Hindu temple architecture. Being modest in size and without any inscriptions it is impossible to determine its purpose.

Lotus Mahal is a part of the Hampi Group of Monuments and an UNESCO World Heritage Site. How to reach Hampi?

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