Bar-headed Geese at Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary, Assam, India

Bar Headed Geese are striking with distinctive black-and-white pattern on its head and neck that distinguishes it from other goose species + they have orange-yellow bill and legs. 

Bar Headed Geese are found in Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary, Assam, India - typically known to prefer high altitude mountain lakes. As per - Bar-headed Geese are hardy birds and in spring - large flocks of bar-headed geese fly from India through the Himalayan range, above Mount Everest, on their way to their nesting grounds in Tibet. 

Bar Headed Geese breed in large colonies around lakes and marshes on highland plateaus; winters in lowland wetlands and fields. In flight, the call of Bar Headed Goose is a typical goose honking. Their diet includes plants and occasionally crustaceans and invertebrates. How to reach Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary?

Tag : Travel Assam | Content: | Image: MitaliBaruah | Update: 28-Jul-2021