Murals, Brihadisvara Temple, Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu, India

Raja Raja Chola I filled Brihadisvara temple at Thanjavur with paintings. These paintings depict Dakshinamurthi, Tripurantaka, Kalyansundara or narrate local legends including life of Saint Sundaramurthi and of the Raja Raja I himself visiting Chidambaram temple.

The paintings are more focussed on bhava or the inner expression of every character. There are paintings with dancers performing nritya also showcasing the importance of worshipping using multiple dance forms under his reign.

The paintings at Brihadisvara Temple, Thanjavur are not only classical but are finely executed, using predominantly natural colours including brown, black, yellow, red, blue, white and tones of green. How to reach Brihadiswara Temple in Thanjavur?

The Brihadishvara temple is recogized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site and is one of the 'Great Living Chola Temples’. Other temples recognized by UNESCO in the same group are Gangaikonda Cholapuram temple (73 km) and Airavatesvara temple (37 km).

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