Bhimbetka Caves, Madhya Pradesh, India is a World Heritage Site recognized by UNESCO

Almost unknown and well concealed in the rugged and craggy cliffs of Vindhyas amidst dense forests are over 600+ rock shelters of Bhimbetka. About 400 of this shelters preserve proof of habitation that existed in the early Stone Age in the form of cave art. Thousands of rock paintings are dated between the early Stone Age to medieval times.

You would find red and white stick figures as well as many animals painted amongst them would be elephants and tigers, rhinos and bisons including animal fights. Many paintings reflect life during those times and would be about hunting, battles, ceremonies, dancing, drinking and burials.

Bhimbetka Caves are protected by the Archaeological Survey of India and are also recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. How to reach Bhimbetka Caves?

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