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How to reach Ellora Caves, Near Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India?

The sculpted panel is from Hindu Cave 29 depicting Shiv Parvati Vivah, part of the Ellora Caves complex which is recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Historians believe it took more than 500 years - right from the 5th to 11th century to sculpt rock cut temples - and Ellora is the only cave complex where rock cut temples of three major religions in India co-exist - Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism.

Unlike Ajanta, Ellora has not been totally ignored and has had living temples and monasteries for centuries.

Ellora has more than 100 caves - but - only 12 Buddhist Caves, 17 Hindu Caves, and 5 Jain caves are open to visitors.

How to reach Ellora Caves by air? Which is the nearest airport to Ellora Caves?
Aurangabad airport is the nearest airport to Ellora Caves and is at a distance of about 36 km.

How to reach Ellora Caves by train? Which is the nearest railway station to Ellora Caves?
Aurangabad railway station is the nearest to Ellora Caves and it is at a distance of about 29 km. Aurangabad is well connected by train to many cities in India.

The best time to visit Ellora Caves is from November to February as the climate is much cooler.

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