Ajanta Caves, Maharashtra, India a World Heritage Site recognized by UNESCO

A Panoramic View of Ajanta Caves - Lying along the gorge of Waghur river Ajanta Caves were carved during two distinct periods, the first from 200 B.C to 100 A.D and the second from around the 5th to 6th century AD.

The chaityas and viharas at Ajanta caves were used for meditation, a place to rest but predominantly as a place for everyone to learn be it the residing monks or travelers or visiting devotees.

The sculptures, paintings, murals and reliefs at Ajanta Caves are also a chronicle a rhythmic narration of every aspect of human life from birth to death depicting and reflecting all aspects of contemporary life beliefs, gods, culture - even weapons used, ornaments worn…

Devotees of Buddha during that time were supposed to walk through the cave and read the paintings which were used as a medium of communicating Buddha's teachings about 'life through successive rebirth'.

Ajanta Caves located in the Aurangabad district, Maharashtra, India is a World Heritage Site recognized by UNESCO. How to reach Ajanta Caves?

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